Global Azure Munich

18. April 2024, Nordcloud Deutschland GmbH, München

Managing Databricks Unity Catalog with Terraform and DevOps Pipelines

This session will show how Databricks Unity Catalog can be implemented using Infrastruture As Code. The following topics will be discussed

  • What is Databricks Unity Catalog?
  • Description of the Azure Architecture
  • Terraform configuration for Databricks Unity Catalog Metastore, Storage Credentials, External Locations, Catalogs, Workspace Bindings, …
  • Pipelines for Azure DevOps & GitHub Actions

Sven Guttmann

Sven Guttmann
Nordcloud Deutschland GmbH, Cloud Solution Architect / Cloud Data Architect

I have been working in IT for more than 25 years, the last 10 years mainly with cloud technologies. In the first years, the focus was on the implementation of database-driven solutions, mainly in the financial sector. The focus in the cloud is on consulting, conceptual design and implementation of data architectures in Azure. We are currently implementing a company-wide data platform for a food company.