Global Azure Munich

18. April 2024, Nordcloud Deutschland GmbH, München

Next generation AI for developers

Dive into what’s next and discover the capabilities of advanced language models like GPT-4 Turbo with Vision. Experience AI Studio, a user-friendly platform that simplifies building your own AI applications using insights from Microsoft’s Copilots. Learn how vector search, with techniques like retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), is revolutionizing information retrieval for precise results. Explore the Assistants API, which enables developers to create intuitive applications that can analyze data, recommend solutions, and automate tasks with ease. This session is your starting point to understand AI technologies’ potential and integrate them into your projects.

Henk Boelman

Henk Boelman
Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

Henk is a Cloud Advocate specializing in Artificial intelligence and Azure with a background in application development. He is currently part of the AI cloud advocate team and based in the Netherlands. Before joining Microsoft, he was a Microsoft AI MVP and worked as a software developer and architect building lots of AI powered platforms on Azure.